About Us

                      is a fine furnishings brand in Asia.


Our founders have over 20 years of experience working with architects, builders, interior designers, and end-users. Our knowledge & understanding of the design, furniture, and furnishings industries are well recognized.


We offer a fine selection of luxurious top grade leather & fabric sofa; delicate coffee table, side table, and console table; designer range lighting; stylish dining table, writing desk and chairs; relaxing chaise longue, armchair, and lounge chair; matching rug and accessories…


Our Philosophy

Our inspiration is drawn from European contemporary art and Italian minimalism culture, combined with luxurious top grade material and classic high-quality craftsmanship.


The lines are clean, the materials are luxurious but limited to the most essential. The colors are simple, the looks are sleek and elegant, organized, and clutter-free. The features are both stylish and functional. Our furniture & furnishings provide a comfortable and relaxing lifestyle that you will love and enjoy...

Our Approach

We prided ourselves as a fine furnishings provider. In today’s world, furniture and furnishings are not just basic needs. A stylish sofa, a modern chandelier, a piece of designed furniture… They are being selected to form part of your unique lifestyle. They represent your unique taste and personality.

Our Attitude

We put in our best effort in every piece of our product, from creation to material selection to manufacturing to finishing touch… paying great attention to every fine detail to ensure that our products will best fit into your requirements.