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Italian Fine Nappa Leather

We use fine Nappa Leather from Italy for all our leather sofa.


Italy Nappa Leather is one of the highest quality leather made from full-grain leather come from the hides of calves. Their hides are smoother, softer, and supple. They are also durable, flexible, and natural. 


It is one of the most expensive kinds of leather as the way it is treated, with the tanning and dyeing processes have to be done with the utmost care. 


While leather, in general, can have different treatments done that alters its surface, Nappa Leather has a natural and uncorrected grain surface.


Nappa leather is highly appreciated as an elegant and luxurious material that is great for branded goods, apparel, the interior of luxury cars, and the upholstery of furniture.

How Nappa Leather is Made

Taken from the top (outer) layer of the hide, full-grain leather develops a natural polish with age and use. Generally, only the hair is removed on full-grain leathers so that the grain has densely packed fibers that are finer.


Only high-quality leather with very minimum pores, scars, or other blemishes is suitable because any visible variations on the surface of the leather will remain visible. The resulting leather features a largely unaltered surface with many natural characteristics.

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Tanning Process of Nappa Leather

Nappa leather’s distinction from other leather types is rooted mostly in its tanning process created in the year 1875. The hides used for Nappa leather are tanned with chromium or aluminum sulfate, salts, both noted specifically for the softness and durability, is used in tanning the hides of Nappa leather. Tanning includes up to 25 steps and can take from days to months depending on the process used.


Another distinction of this type of leather is that it is typically dyed in water-soluble colorants so that it is more resistant to fading. This dyeing process also renders Nappa leather a lot easier to clean.

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Quality of Nappa Leather

It is the quality that sets Nappa Leather apart.


Nappa leather is typically a full-grain, un-split leather made from the hides of the calf (small cow). Full-grain means that the skin surface has not been modified apart from the removal of hair. Full-grain leather is often regarded as the most authentic type of leather because it keeps all of the texture from the original hide.


This allows the leather to retain a lot of its original textures and markings. It also goes through a finishing process that enhances its durability.  It’s known for being very soft and pliable.


Nappa leather provides a higher degree of luxury and is a higher grade of leather than standard leather. A type of soft, full-grain leather, Nappa leather interior exhibits a natural look and feel. It is also more durable and distinct than aniline or semi-aniline leathers, this is perfect for luxury furniture.

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Use of Nappa Leather

Nappa leather is very desirable for those that enjoy a softer leather. The uncorrected grain surface can be appreciated when one is familiar with how few unfinished leather surfaces are smooth and blemish-free. Also, the softness of the material makes it very comfortable to touch. This makes it a very nice leather when experienced during everyday use in finished leather products.


It is a quality and pricey leather, and offers a substantially luxurious look and feel. You can find it on the high-end designer and quality furniture upholstery, home furnishings, luxury leather goods, and personal accessories such as branded bags, jackets, gloves, purses, and wallets. It is also very popular in luxury automobile upholstery, especially from manufacturers such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, and Bentley.

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Care for Nappa Leather

Nappa Leather product should keep away from direct sunlight.


It is important to properly clean and maintain Nappa Leather. Since they are comprised of natural fibers, keeping the surfaces clean and restoring/conditioning will help them stay strong and looking great.


To clean Nappa Leather, simply wipe the surface with a dry lint-free cloth. For stains, gently wipe the mark with a cotton washcloth and lukewarm water. Simply dab at the stain carefully and allow the leather to dry. Remember to never soak the leather.


Regular application of leather conditioners is essential for keeping a “like-new” look. Avoid using wax-based cleaners or polishes as this may damage the leather. Conditioner is generally applied in small circles using an applicator or soft cloth, allowed to soak in, then wiped off the excess with a clean, lint-free cloth.


One thing to keep in mind: for any step in leather care, generally test on a small and unobvious area to ensure the cleaner or finish that you are applying will not react poorly with the material.


The application of a protective finish is not recommended as it will introduce a layer on the leather surface that hides some of the desired look and feel of natural leather.