Our Sofa

Sofa is our key product. We take pride in our sofa development in both comfort and style. Our main criteria for the sofa development are comfortability, durability, and flexibility.


A sofa is a major furniture investment and one you may live with for decades. It is also the focal point of your interior.


Well designed in appearance and comfort, combined with luxurious top grade material and classic high-quality craftsmanship, our objective is to ensure that you are getting a sofa you can be happy with for many years.

High level of quality control throughout our manufacturing process
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Comfort is a sense of physical or psychological ease. The comfort of a sofa relies on the dimensions, the body support system, the upholstery materials, the internal filling, and the appearance.


The depth and height of the seat are crucial. These dimensions integrate with our internal SpringWeb body support system to form the main comfort foundation. They will supports your body adequately when seated, providing you relaxation with a high level of comfort.


The upholstery materials are important to sitting, touching, and visual appearance. Besides our much emphasized top-quality Italian Nappa Leather (click here for more info), we also have a wide range of quality upholstery fabric for your selection.


The type of internal filling determines the seating comfort. There are two types of filling used in the seat cushion to suit different design and characteristics of a sofa. The Goose Down (see description below) option for the soft and fluffy feel, while High resilient foam for a firmer feel. More importantly, all the back cushion and throw cushion is filled with goose down for your resting comfort.


Lastly, for the comfort of your eyes, the design and style of the sofa. Throughout history, people judge things based on looks and appearances. Apart from good material and craftsmanship, we spent significant efforts and time in designing and styling our sofa. We believe that a well-designed sofa will enhance your interior atmosphere as well as your lifestyle.

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Goose Down

Goose down are always considered to be the highest quality luxurious products. It come with a variety of features, keeping us both warm and cool. If comfortable and durability are a priority, goose down is a great choice.

The down of birds is a layer of fine feathers found under the tougher exterior feathers. It is the last line of defense against the elements of nature for the birds. Therefore, it is a lot warmer, softer, and comfortable.

Geese being a perfect choice as they are larger birds, making their down clusters larger, which equal to a higher fill power. It allow more air to circulate, so they are fluffier and more comfortable.

Goose down is an all-weather material. It provides excellent temperature control, adapting to our body's temperature, and absorb the moisture we release and pass it off into the atmosphere. This ensures we are cozy but not clammy. Down's ability to breathe means it can regulate and achieve a comfortable temperature between our body and the sofa, keeping us warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Their features and characteristics are highly coveted by consumers. They do not lose their shape with time, even after years of usage, you will only feel its softness and warmth.


The frame is the main support structure of a sofa. It is like our skeleton, a good solid frame will define the durability of a sofa. Our frames also designed to well fits and support the human body and ensure the comfort level.


Russian Larch timber is selected for our frame based on its rigidness, straight grain, and corrosion resistance characteristics. This top-quality knot-free timber is valued for its tough, waterproof, and durable qualities. It is in great demand for building yachts and other small boats, for exterior cladding of buildings, interior paneling, and furniture. It will weather to a silvery grey color and can be expected to last around 40 years.


For the base (leg) of our sofa, we are using durable, rust-free, and worried-free materials like wood, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, or rubber.

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Our philosophy for a good design sofa must be able to suit most of your interior requirements, if not all. For this reason, most of our sofa models are sectional, there are many configurations to suit your requirement.


And best of all, if our sectional sofa configurations can’t fit into your requirement, all our sofa can be customized for you. This will put your mind at ease when comes to decision making.

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Upholstery Material & Color Selection

We've made every effort to make the materials and colors on screen as close as possible. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee an exact match. Customers are strongly advised to visit our showroom to view, as well as to touch & feel, the actual material & color. Click here for our showroom address & opening hours.


Italy Nappa Leather

NP101-4058-Night edited w.jpg
NP102 - 4019 - Charcoal edited ww.jpg
NP103-4056-Clay 3 edited ww.jpg
NP105-4009-Pebble edited ww.jpg
NP101 Night
NP102 Charcoal
NP103 Clay
NP105 Pebble
NP106 Sand
NP108-4011-Orange edited ww.jpg
NP109-4137-Ocean 1 edited ww.jpg
NP112-4021-Chocolate edited w.jpg
NP107 Vanilla
NP108 Orange
NP109 Ocean
NP110 Olive
NP112 Chocolate

Italy Premium Nappa Leather


NP201 Cognac
NP202 Mocha
NP203 Forest

Quality Fabric

FB601–6025-4–Frosty edited ww.jpg
FB603–6025-16–Carbon edited ww.jpg
FB601 Frosty
FB602 Granite
FB603 Carbon
FB651–646-2– Pearl White edited ww.jpg
FB653–412-3–Light Straw edited ww.jpg
No Stock
FB656–1831-3–Urban Weave edited ww.jpg
FB651 Pearl White
FB653 Light Straw
FB655 Silver Mist
FB656 Urban Weave
FB657 Midnight City
FB659–502-3 –Khaki Check edited ww.jpg
FB660–1416-2–Wood Twill edited ww.jpg
FB658 Bright Gold
FB659 Khaki Check
FB660 Wood Twill
FB661 Sea Wave
FB662 Teal Lake
FB692–8291-04–Flow Plaid edited ww.jpg
FB693–51409-03–Dimmed Floral 2 edited ww
FB691 Stitch Wheat
FB692 Flow Plaid
FB693 Dimmed Floral