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Sofa is our key product. We take pride in our sofa development in both comfort and style. Our main criteria for the sofa development are comfortability, durability, and flexibility.


A sofa is a major furniture investment and one you may live with for decades. It is also the focal point of your interior.


Well designed in appearance and comfort, combined with luxurious top grade material and classic high-quality craftsmanship, our objective is to ensure that you are getting a sofa you can be happy with for many years.


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  • Most of our models are Sectional Sofa, they can form many combinations. Pictures are for styling purposes only, please click into the individual model page for other options & sizes. If you still can't find the right size or combination, feel free to talk to us. We are happy to help.

  • For specific touch, feel, and seating comfort, especially Italy Nappa Leather and goose down feather, customers are advised to visit our showroom to try on the display sets. Click here for our showroom address & opening hours.